Bee Keeping Society

Yes Winstanley College has got Honey bees!
Take a look out of the windows between B20 and S10. If it is sunny we will be buzzing around.
We have several hives now and you can help us check the bees every week through the spring/summer and autumn.
Over the winter months there is less to do, but we can go over some of the theory and what you need to know about diseases and looking after the hive.

Next year we may increase the number of hives further so you might like to help us assemble the next brood box, supers and frames too.
The aim is to give you a chance to learn about what keeping bees involves, so in the future if you want to keep your own bees you would have a basic level of knowledge to start from. Some universities also keep bees on campus so you could carry on keeping bees if you continue in education. Some students have used the topic as an extended project or for inspiration for Art. You do not need to be a biologist – just to have an appreciation of nature and an interest in caring for wild creatures.

There is a risk you can get stung so you’ll wear a bee-suit and veil. If you know you are allergic to stings then we would need to know this

Want to know more – try asking:- Conor Edwards, Jayne Kelly, or Dave Woods.

A stand will be around at fresher’s fair in September so you can sign up then. We usually keep the bees on Wednesday and Friday lunch times so sign up for a slot and then turn up at S1. (1.30pm ish)