Christian Union

Winstanley College Christian Union is a place where everyone regardless of believing in God or not can meet up together and have fun whilst talking about God.

Each week we come together to encourage each other, and also let our relationship grow with God. When we meet we get up to all sorts of stuff, from intellectual debates to silly games. We organise holidays together like soul survivor, or just simply a day out with each other.

Whilst in college we have events like grill a Christian. These events are put on to allow the college to ask us and grill us about our faith; they are challenging for us as well as them, however we have a really good time telling people about God.

All in all, CU is here to allow everyone to develop a relationship with God, but also just to have a lot of fun.

“CU is a great place to relax, chill out and spend time with great friends.  It is not to bombard students with scriptures but simply to have a great time!”

“CU allowed me to meet many new friends and I’ve been able to learn more about God through them.”

“CU really helped me to take time out of the busy college day to relax, this meant that I could concentrate on learning in the afternoon lesson.”

For more information please contact Michelle Ferreira