Equality & Diversity

Winstanley College set up the Equality & Diversity Group in 2008 and this group has an active membership. It is run by students and staff from Winstanley College. The group meets on a weekly basis and is responsible for setting and monitoring the equality and diversity agenda for the College.

Its functions are to:

  • To meet to discuss the equality and diversity agenda and ways of promoting within the College
  • To deal with and advise on equality and diversity issues at staff and student level
  • To impact assess College policies and procedures to ensure that they are not discriminatory
  • To improve communication of equality and diversity issues across the College
  • To resolve issues raised by staff and students relating to equality and diversity matters

Last year the group helped organise One world week which focused on anti bullying and raised awareness in areas such as race and religion; Pride week; and Disability awareness week which saw British paralympic athlete Pippa Britton come to college to give an inspirational talk. Students also had the opportunity to take part in paralympic sports such as Goalball and sitting volleyball.

If you would like to be part of the Equality and Diversity group then please contact janice.lloyd@winstanley.ac.uk