Sport Enrichment

Here at Winstanley we take a lot of pride in both the quantity and quality of sport enrichment opportunities that we offer.
There are two types of sporting enrichment we offer:
Firstly, recreational sport that is open to all students regardless of ability level, more details on the range activities we offer can be found through the link to our enrichment site below.
Secondly, representative sport this is for team sports in which we look for our already academically gifted students to show off their athletic abilities as well. Last season we had great success with our Women’s Football winning the league, our 1st Netball team reaching the Play-Off semi finals and our Women’s Volleyball representing our region at the National Championships. More details can be found on the A-Level intranet P.E enrichment website.



You are welcome to use the WINfit centre facilities during your time at college. Many students play Table Tennis in the upstairs activity room in their free time. You are also encouraged to make use of the sports hall to play Badminton, Basketball or other low risk sports with a group of friends. You don’t even need to be fully changed – although suitable sport footwear is important. A sports hall timetable is located on the communications board just inside the WINfit Centre so you can see when it’s not used for organised activities.
We hope to run some organised recreational sport throughout the year in Dodgeball, Cricket, Rounders, 5 a side football, Circuit training, Table tennis league and Fencing.
Details will be on the Sport Maker page and Lunchtime Enrichment tab.

2) WINfit Gym

Any student can use the fitness gym when not in class. Opening hours will be advertised @Winfitgym on twitter, follow us to find out more.
To use the gym you need to have had a Gym Induction. A Level PE students will have this in their 1st practical lesson. Non-PE students need to book a gym induction in a free period. You can sign up at the enrichment fair or sign up on the sheets in the WINfit Centre – make a note of your time to make sure you remember to turn up.
To use the gym we request that you wear sports clothes and trainers, and change into clean clothes after your training session.


The following sports train weekly and have matches on a Wednesday afternoon in block 5.
Men’s Football, Women’s Football, Netball, Mixed Hockey, Rugby League, Volleyball, Rugby Union, Basketball,
*If you wish to play for one of these teams and are presently have a lesson in block 5 please let Anne Baxby, Head of P.E. know urgently – and still turn up for your 1st session*
You can also train weekly and represent the college at Badminton (you don’t need to be free in block 5 for this).
How do I get involved?
Register your interest on the appropriate form at the enrichment fair, take a note of when the 1st training session is for your sport and turn up in the ‘WINfit Centre’at the time stated on the form.
n.b. * Men’s football and netball are the only sports where we hold actual trials due to high interest. There will be recreational opportunities for those who are unsuccessful in getting in the teams. *  If you missed the 1st session please turn up for the next one or speak to a member of the PE staff who can direct you.


We enter competitions throughout the year in additional sports including Tennis, Golf, Table Tennis, Trampolining, Swimming, Squash, Rugby Union, and Basketball.
If you are elite in your sport we enter British College Competitions and you get a chance to qualify to represent the NW in the British Finals held at Nottingham University around Easter time. We also send people for County and Region trials.

How do I get involved?
Sign up on the ‘Other Sports’ form at the enrichment fair, or email the WINfit centre on clearly stating the sport you are interested in representing college for, position (if relevant) and any representative honors you have. Alternatively check out your emails, Facebook and twitter later in September.


We offer Community Sports Leaders Award (CSLA) which teaches you valuable leadership skills transferable to everyday life and sports coaching. You will also achieve a recognised Level 2 award.
How do I get involved?
This course is available to A2 students; however there may be spare places which could be allocated to AS so please let us know if you are interested. Sign up at the enrichment fair, or if you miss this – email:

You don’t mention my sport – does that mean I can’t pursue it at college?
If there are a group of students interested in pursuing an activity that we don’t mention here – please fill in the ‘Other Sport’ sheet at the enrichment fair. Alternatively email stating the sport and other interested students that you know about so that we can look into visibility.


We pride ourselves on listening to you and accommodating your requests. In past years we have started a Rugby Union and basketball team due to increased student interest. Last year we started a Mixed Hockey team as we had increasing interest from males. Last year we employed a full time gym apprentice as students had complained about unsatisfactory gym and table tennis opening times. The result being consistent opening hours all day to keep the facilities open.  Students requested we lend equipment out to use on the field and we can now accommodate this. We now have employed a SportMaker whose role is to increase participation through recreational activities that you want to do. As part of the Olympic Legacy, Winstanley College has invested in improving the look, functioning, staffing and enjoyment of the facility. We welcome your feedbacks please speak to any member of staff with ideas or worries or email

How do I find out about ‘What’s on?’

Our communication channels are – posters in the sports hall, the intranet noticeboard, Sport Enrichment intranet site, ‘What’s on Winfit flyers’, twitter and facebook. Please follow us @WinFit Gym for upto date news.