Winstanley Mentor

Do you want to be a Winstanley Mentor

We are recruiting mentors to work with pupils in local high schools.

Student mentors share their recent experiences of school life and build up a rapport with school students and in this way support their learning and development. Mentoring schemes have proved successful in a number of ways including:

  • helping students to improve their grades
  • reducing truancy
  • helping students to deal with bullying
  • building confidence, motivation and aspirations
  • helping students to understand the world of work
  • introducing students to studying at college

What would I do?

You would either work with the school pupils on a regular basis or you may only go in once as part of the College presentation team who meet with Year 11s planning on coming to Winstanley.  Either way you will:

  • establish a positive relationship with a school student
  • help to guide their mentee through their school work and exams
  • provide opportunities for their mentee to discuss school related issues such as subjects studied, revision needs, homework patterns and subject choices
  • enable their mentee to develop a positive attitude to the problems facing them and to develop problem solving skills
  • provide an appropriately challenging role model
  • provide an interested adult

Could I do it?

Mentors are not counsellors and they don’t have all the answers.  If you understand what it’s like to be a local school pupil you’re half way there.  Full training is available but your most important quality is that you are what your mentee could become.  Your achievements and your attitude will be a model for them to follow.  You’ll be giving them confidence and helping them realise that perfectly ordinary people from round about here achieve extraordinary things.

For more information please contact Mel Chadwick