Winstanley TV

We now have 4 divisions within Winstanley TV. Each division is coordinated by an Executive Producer who runs the production meetings, works out the schedule and oversees the production of the shows.

Entertainment – the students develop their own show ideas, which can include game shows, quiz shows, chat and talk shows, magazine programmes. Some of the programmes the students have produced this year have included ‘Escape Room’, ‘Challenge Boss’, ‘Rated’, ‘Origami Showdown’.

News – this division deals with reporting on current news events within the college (not fully set up yet) but we have a working email address that staff and students can use to alert the team to news events around the college. The idea is to document these events in a 30 second bulletin that can be shown on screens around the college and on the YouTube site.

Factual – this section deals with programming that tends to involve our work with external agencies. For example, this year we have produced a film of a local Primary School’s Dance Show. We are in production of a documentary about the 90th Anniversary of the St. Luke’s Parrish. Students also created a documentary with Winstanley Science students and University of Liverpool called ‘Life in a Lab’.

Marketing – this division deals with producing promotional material for the college, including marketing materials for subject areas. We also created the video entry for the ‘U-Dance’ competition that our Dance students have entered for.

Please take a look at our YouTube channel also to see some of our fantastic videos click here!

If you are interested in taking part please email