Biology means the science of life in all its forms and encompasses a diverse range of fascinating topics. In Biology we aim to make your A-levels just the start of your learning experience. Take a look at some of the activities that go on in Biology.

Evolution at Chester Zoo

The Biology department visit the Zoo each year taking a practical look at variation as an integral part of the evolution process including forms of natural selection,  stabilising, directional and disruptive selection.  Time is spent walking around and looking at examples of speciation with reference to the  animals in the Zoo.

Visiting Guest Speakers

Each year the Biology department invite visiting guest speakers to come into College from local universities to give a variety of talks relating to Biology. In the past these have included talks on:

‘How to get into Medicine’ – University Biomedical Admissions Officer
‘HIV, Why can’t it be cured?’ – Research Scientist
‘A day in the life of a doctor’ – GP
‘Living with diabetes’ – Renal specialist

And many more

Overseas Trip

The Biology department has traditionally run an overseas trip to Germany including Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Nuremberg.