Here in English we hope you’ll want to get involved in lots of things as well as your lessons! We’ve got a range of trips and activities this term which we’re really looking forward to.

  • There’s a theatre trip to see ‘All my Sons’ in Manchester on the 9th October. This is a set text for AS Langlit students but is open to all- a fascinating introduction to American drama and to the great literary themes of war and loss, truth and lies.
  • Watch out for a London theatre residential later this year, where you’ll get to see two or three fantastic plays in the West End. Plenty of free time too when you’ll be able to explore the capital!
  • On the 17th September there’s a trip to the British Library in London to see the exhibition ‘Propaganda, Power and Persuasion’. A fantastic chance to see some real treasures of the literary world and an ideal trip for anyone studying Language or Literature (or both!).
  • There are chances to get involved with writing for the department magazine ‘Winstanley Waffle’.
  • Come along to Haworth in February to explore the parsonage where the Bronte sisters lived and wrote. Enjoy a bracing walk up to Top Withins, the setting (allegedly) for Wuthering Heights. Or just have a sticky bun in a tea shop!
  • We have a departmental reading group which meets informally every few weeks to discuss a book we’ve read together. So for our first meeting, borrow a copy of ’21 Locks’ by Laura Barton and come along to the Enrichment Fair to find out about dates and details. Laura is a former student of Winstanley and Standish High School, and is now a journalist working for The Guardian newspaper. ‘21 Locks’ is her first novel.

In a small North-Western town where it always rains, the factories have closed and everyone lives for beer, bare flesh and brawling on Saturday nights, Jeannie works in the perfume hall of Pemberton’s department store. A little dowdy, a little dog-eared, she is not the most impressive of perfume girls, and largely passes her days counting down to her marriage to Jimmy, her teenage sweetheart, now a mechanic.

The course of Jeannie’s life has always seemed plotted out – she will remain in the town where she was raised, settle down, have children. But since Jimmy’s proposal she has begun to question whether this is what she really wants. Her confusion is not aided by Daniel, a drifter she meets at the railway station. Well-read, comparatively well-travelled, and with a cultivated air of mystery, he suggests excitement, possibility, and a life beyond the town.

As her wedding day nears she must decide whether to stay and get married, or take a chance on a man who may not be all he seems.

  • Let us know at the Enrichment fair if you’re interested in studying English at University. We’ll keep in touch with you through the year and let you know what’s coming up. Join our Facebook group.
  • Let us know if you enjoy writing poetry or stories. Each year we like to produce a poetry/short story anthology and there are also lots of competitions which we’ll encourage you to enter. Many of our students did so last year and were successful.
  • Various visiting writers and poets give sessions with students throughout the year. Last year we were visited by poet Lauren Bolger and flash fiction writer David Gaffney. Sign up for the Writers’ group and we’ll keep you up to date with who’s coming and when!

Trips sell out quickly-so find out how you can pay quickly and easily by using Parentpay.

And that’s just the start! Come and meet us at the Enrichment fair and find out more. We’ll be able to tell you more!