The History Society is a student run society which organises a number of enrichment opportunities for all Winstanley College Students, to excite your interests and keep you intellectually involved.

The History Award – Complete the award to gain recognition of enrichment participation to aid transition to a History degree.

Online magazine  Contribute to our online History magazine and see your words in print, with chances to win the essay writing competition.

Guest Lecturers – Listen to prestigious lecturers from Lancaster University, Royal Holloway University, Liverpool University and more, as we invite them to Winstanley to speak to you.

Talks – Listen and participate in History with our guest speakers.

Tutor Lectures – Develop and enhance your understanding of the past with specialist lectures from Winstanley’s most brilliant minds

Historical Re-enactment – join us for a day, when you can really go back into the past

Historical Film of the Month – Join our lunchtime film club and watch films of particular historical interest

Historical debates – come and share your opinions on Margret Thatcher, the most evil dictator, Nazi Germany, African American Civil Rights and more.

Volunteering experiences – Evacuee day  and working with a local primary school

History Quiz – A half termly quiz with prizes for the winning team

Trips – We have organised trips to Italy, Normandy, London, Manchester University, Liverpool University and York University

Oxbridge Group – support for applicants who wish to apply to study for a History Degree at Oxford and Cambridge University

Your experience of the past will be enriched by the activities we have on offer!