Philosophy and Religion

In the Philosophy & Religion department, we offer many opportunities for you to take part in various trips and visits. These will allow you to develop your knowledge and enhance your skills outside of the classroom in an exciting environment. Have a look at some of the things that we got up to last year…

Speakers and Debates

As part of Multi-Faith Week, we were visited by Imam Amjad, from the Liverpool Mosque and Father Bernard from St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Billinge. Students took part in a question and answer session covering a wide range of topics, including ethics and beliefs about the afterlife. It was interesting to be able to compare and contrast the different religious viewpoints. This year, we are hoping to hold a similar question and answer session with representatives from a larger range of religions.

Trips and Visits

Our trip to Rome is popular and students always find it very enjoyable. We visit Vatican City, St Peter’s Basilica, the Colosseum and other sites of religious interest.

The London trip includes visiting relevant museum exhibitions, a trip to the London Mosque, and a theatre visit! Past exhibitions that we have attended include the Darwin exhibition at the British History Museum and the Byzantium exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts.

Also, we spend a day visiting the Al Rahma Mosque in Liverpool. Imam Amjad is really friendly and students all come away feeling more knowledgeable and confident about the Islam topic. We usually combine this Mosque visit with a trip to an Indian restaurant for lunch.

We run a day trip to Manchester where we visit the brilliant Mummies exhibition at Manchester Museum.

Philosophy students have the opportunity to go to the beautiful village of Helmsley in North Yorkshire prior to their exams for revision. We eat good food, go on lovely walks and talk philosophy!

This year, we are hoping to visit Edinburgh, the birthplace of the Philosopher, David Hume, to explore some of the history of Philosophy in this city and other cultural aspects.


There is an annual essay prize competition and last year the prize was £50 gift vouchers!  This is a great opportunity to show off you new found philosophical skills and get recognition from the department for your ideas.

Philosophy club

Last year students ran several lunchtime meetings where they debated issues of interest with other students from the department and even some other students gate crashed!!!


This year students will be producing a regular magazine for all P&R students called ‘Beards’ that discusses things that are of interest to our students.  You could even try and get published in the magazine yourself!