Politics, Law and Sociology

Here, in PLS, there are many exciting activities which you can be involved in either to enhance your learning or just to have fun! Below are some of the things we have previously done, however, there are always new and interesting activities starting so keep a look out!

Speakers and Debates

Throughout the year we will have guest speakers in to discuss a whole range of issues varying from local MPs to small pressure groups to solicitors and high court advocates. We have previously hosted Lisa Nandy (Labour MP), Unite Against Fascism and a campaigner from CND. In between all of this bustling activity there are frequent debates about current issues – the topics can be decided by you! If you enjoy debating then there are opportunities to sit on the panel, however, if you prefer to take a back seat then the audience is the place for you. This year we have hosted debates about assisted suicide, Coca Cola, the monarchy and capital punishment.

Trips and Visits

Within the PLS department we endeavour to put on a number of trips relating to our subjects. In the past we have hosted an extremely popular New York and Washington trip, as well as a trip to Paris and Brussels for those keen on a career in Europe. Closer to home, there has been the chance to visit Parliament on our London trip. This year we were even able to go to a prison to experience life behind bars!

As well as this, our lawyers had the option of visiting Magistrates and Crown Courts in order to witness the law in action. Our Sociologists took part in a ‘High Culture’ day in Liverpool which included the Tate Modern Art Gallery and FACT Picturehouse. Whereas our Politicians attended a stimulating conference by MPs in London very close to the election date. Many of our students also had fun at the Police Museum in Manchester!


There are usually two main competitions throughout the year within PLS which you can be involved in. The Debating Matters Competition is a competition where our students debate at a national level. If your team is successful, you may even reach the finals in London!  We also host the Bar Mock Trial Competition for any budding barristers out there. After working hard preparing your case, you will stand up in a Crown Court in front of a real judge!

Get Involved…

So as you can see there is plenty to get involved in. Make sure you ask questions, keep your eyes peeled for posters around the PLS area and sign up to activities!