Chester Zoo


Every year psychology takes a large group of students to Chester Zoo.  This trip is a good way to start off your psychology course, it gives you the opportunity to mix with your new psychology peers and a chance to see animal behaviour from a new perspective.  The staff at Chester Zoo always put on an interesting lecture on Evolution and then you will be given the opportunity to explore the Zoo yourselves.


pic02Edinburgh Trip

Psychology are in the process of arranging an exciting trip to Edinburgh to visit one of the most infamous paranormal sites in the world. The Edinburgh Vaults are a labyrinth of underground passages which are the location of frequent reports of paranormal activity and ghost sightings. The students will explore the gloomy, candle-lit corridors in the hope of meeting a spirit, and get the opportunity to try out paranormal equipment such as EVP recorders.
The trip will also include a haunted graveyard tour and the famous “Mary King’s Close” tour, both of which are scheduled after dark! To ease the tension, a visit to the Koestler Paranormal unit is also planned, including a lecture on Parapsychology and an opportunity to take part in some para-psychological research.

pic04Pseudoscience Conference- Nottingham

This has also become an annual psychology trip to the University of Nottingham.  Students hear lectures from a number of well known psychology researchers and professors such as Richard Wiseman (author of Quirkology and many other books), Phil Banyard, Mike Cardwell etc.  This conference aims to educate, entertain and enthuse students, facilitating your understanding of science and developing a critical awareness of psychology!


The Psychology Department will be running our annual trip to Poland again this year. The group will stay in Krakow pic05for five days to experience Polish culture in this beautiful city. A tour guide will be present throughout the trip and will take us on a walking tour of the city to learn about its rich history and, in particular, to focus on the events of the second world war and the behaviour of the Nazi soldiers towards the Jews. The main purpose of the trip to Poland is to visit Auschwitz concentration camp to consider human social behaviour at its most extreme. The group will also visit the famous Polish salt mines where they will see everything from vast underground lakes to underground cathedrals carved entirely from salt. The trip is an extremely important for all involved that students will always remember.  See the following link for a 5 minute taster of our trip last year.

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